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Violin repair

Bowed Instrument Repairs

One of the most important factors of owning a musical instrument is the ongoing service and repairs that are needed throughout its life. With a good set-up you can transform a mediocre instrument into an excellent one. Here at Cambridge Pianoforte, we can offer excellent advice, repairs and set-ups to bowed instruments through our connection with Eugenie Degan.

About Eugenie

Eugenie Graduated as a Baroque cellist from the Paris Schola Cantorum in 1999 having studied with Erwan Faure and received her music and cello B.Mus. from Paris conservatoire in 2000.

After some years playing full time in Symphony and Chamber orchestras, as well as teaching cello, Eugenie went to study violin making at London Metropolitan University where she graduated in 2005 with distinction. She trained in well known London workshops such as J.P.Guivier and F.Leonhard; she carried out her repair and restoration apprenticeship for a further 3 years with Peter Ratcliff in his Brighton workshop.

Thanks to her work and experience with Peter Ratcliff, she has been able to become a Queen Elizabeth Trust Scholar in July 2007 following full restoration work on a Thomas Urquhart violin, London circa 1670.

When time allows, Eugenie still enjoys playing free-lance in some of the London Orchestras and, as a cellist and musician herself, appreciates and understands the string players’ needs.

Click here for Eugenie’s website – Degan Violins