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Bowed Instrument Repairs

Bowed Instrument Purchasing Options


A Potted History of Violins, Violas and ‘cellos

The ‘cello, violin and viola were first made in Italy, with the first recognisable violins emanating from northern Italy, most probably Brescia, in the early part of the Sixteenth Century. Gasparo da Salo is widely recognised as the founding father of the violin, in its present recognisable form.

Austrian luthier Jakob Stainer and Cremonese luthiers such as the Amati family and Antonio Stradivari were the first to make the instruments in any great number and set the templates that were copied by contemporary makers and current makers the world over.

Our Stringed Instruments

In the String Room, we supply violins, violas and ‘cellos for players of all standards, from the first lesson to professional musicians. We take the greatest care of our instruments. To ensure they are in the best playing condition, they are all fully set up by one of our professional luthiers. We also carry in stock a few guitars and mandolins.

We always have a large number of violins, violas and ‘cellos set-up and ready to try. We stock instruments from new makers such as Roderick Paesold, Lothar Semmlinger, Gewa, Stentor, and many more.

Additional to our new violins and ‘cellos, we also have an eclectic selection of older instruments for you to try, ranging anywhere from the 1880’s to the 1980’s. Additional to these instruments,

Violin, Viola and ‘cello Rental Schemes

On our entry level violins and stringed instruments, we offer a rental scheme for beginners or when a child is moving up through the sizes. Our staff can measure children to find the correct sizing and help with any questions.

Choosing a Bow for your Stringed Instrument

We also have a large selection of bows here in the String Room. We stock both wood and carbon fibre bows, from beginner to professional standard, and have plenty of space for you to come and find the right bow for you and your instrument.