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SOLD: Steinway & Sons Model A (1961)

A beautiful 1961 Steinway Model A in fiddleback mahogany, French-polished by our polisher, Alec.

We’ve fully rebuilt this fine piano in our specialist workshop: we’ve worked on the casework, replaced the strings and refinished soundboard; it now has new Steinway original hammers and shanks, a new action hanger and new damper felts.

Marcel is has finished off the technical work by voicing the instrument.

It’s very rare to find a 1960s piano in such good condition and this Model A has an ivory keyboard which you won’t find on a new model. Undoubtedly, the best aesthetic feature if this instrument is the beautiful mahogany casework. The French-polished fiddleback mahogany has a wonderful deep and luxurious tone that the photographs cannot do justice to.0