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Steinway & Sons – Model D (1963)

This is one of the more modern pianos we have restored. It was once the property of the renowned concert pianist Clifford Curzon, with his signature just visible on the frame.

This is a full size concert grand measuring 8′ 11′ (278 cm) in length. The case work is in a mahogany veneer with a polyester finish. Polyester was becoming more common as piano finishing from the 1960’s, but with varying results. It was unusual to finish a concert grand in anything other than a black finish, so in all probability this was a special order. The interior of the piano has been fully restored using genuine Steinway & Sons parts.

The outcome of the restoration was very rewarding. In many ways it seemed just like a new piano that you would see on the showroom floor at Steinway Hall, but with the added bonus that it had a special place in history.