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Steinway & Sons – Model O (1901)

A stylish instrument with mahogany veneer on elegant twin legs. The piano was manufactured by Steinway & Sons and then re-cased by Maples of London, and restored in our Cambridge workshops in 2000.

This is very good example of how a first-class quality veneer, well polished, can create a beautiful effect. When we first received this instrument for restoration you could hardly see the boxwood banding, let alone the flaming in the veneer. When it was re-polished before, the case had been darkened down to fit a style of the time. When the piano was stripped, it was only then we were able to see the potential for the case.

The strings were replaced with Roslau wire, widely recognised as the finest available and used by many of the world’s leading piano manufacturers. As with all our Steinways we replaced the necessary parts with genuine Steinway parts, but with the view that retaining originality is paramount. We are restoring the instrument to its original new state, not making a new piano out of an old one.