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Steinway & Sons – Model O (1921)

A stunning example of how veneer can affect the look of an instrument. This instrument was manufactured in 1921 came to us in 2001 as a black French polished case, and was in desperate need of restoration. We were completely taken by surprise when our polisher told us what lay beneath.

The piano was an Art Deco instrument using the varying veneers to create the desired effect. I would be very surprised if we ever see one like it again, and it can only have been a special order to fit a particular house. As it had been ebonised more recently, it can only have gone out of fashion.

The result was very rewarding, and as with all our Steinways we replaced the necessary parts with genuine Steinway parts, with the view that retaining originality is paramount. We are restoring the instrument to its original new state, not making a new piano out of an old one.