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Buying a Piano

Cambridge Pianoforte started in 1975 as a piano tuning and repairs business.  Since then, we have grown to become the premier outlet in Cambridge where you can buy pianos, stringed instruments and sheet music.

We sell grand pianos, upright pianos and digital pianos; new pianos, pre-owned/second hand and restored pianos.

When buying a piano from us, you can expect excellent service and advice from experienced and knowledgeable staff who will give you all the help that you need to decide on the perfect piano for you. Delivery and the first tuning are included at no extra cost.

Our Range of Pianos

We can offer you pianos that range from pre-owned pianos for less than £1,000 to show-stopping Steinways. We sell digital pianos from Kawai and we also carry expertly restored instruments.

Our pre-owned pianos represent our entry-level instruments, although you may opt for a digital in this price range. The choice is a personal one: some prefer the sound and look of a traditional instrument, while others prefer the convenience and sound of a digital instrument, the latter not requiring any tuning.

Our experienced sales team will help you find the instrument that is best for you.

Agents and Representatives

We are agents of Steinway & Sons and their related companies, Boston and Essex; we are also representatives for SchimmelKawai and Reid-Sohn.

Piano Stock and Support

Our stock is always on the move and changing, giving you plenty of choice. All sales include home delivery by ourselves and the first tuning at your home by one of our professional tuners.

Piano Tuning and other Piano Services

We offer a full complement of services from piano tuninghire, hire-to-buy, restoration, to storage and removals. Our piano tuners are highly experienced and tune pianos for nearly all of the Cambridge Colleges and concert venues around Cambridge; they also tune for vast numbers of individuals. If you wish to book a tuning then just pick up the phone and we’ll book you in.