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Essex GP155 by Steinway and Sons

Large scale production techniques and carefully chosen materials feature in the Essex piano that Steinway & Sons introduced in 2006 to complete the Steinway family. Available in a wide choice of finishes and veneers, the Essex is an ideal starter piano for all ages and is the proud resolution to Steinway’s quest to create an affordable Steinway for the pianists of the future and the teachers of today.

The Essex Piano, the result of six-years of commitment, sets the standard of performance and quality superior to all comparably priced pianos. Many innovations in design materials and manufacturing have created an entirely new instrument with superb touch and sound. Free of all plastics and substitute materials commonly found in pianos today, the unique Steinway-designed action assures that nothing is lost in translation from fingertips to keys, to hammers, to strings.


Finish: Polished: Ebony, Walnut, Cherry, Sapeli Mahogany and Kewazinga Bubinga
Age: New
Length:  155 cm