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Finance (Hire to Buy)

For many people, especially parents with young beginner pianists in the family, the financial outlay for their first piano can initially seem daunting. Our ‘Hire to Buy’ plan enables you to enjoy all the benefits of a brand new piano for as little as £46 per month.

It is a fixed term 12 month contract in which you hire a piano and then at the end of the year have four options.

  1. Buy the piano you have been hiring using 70% of the hire money you have been paying (not to include delivery & tuning payment) against the original purchase price. (100% if bought within three months)
  2. Buy another piano from the shop using 70% of the hire money you have been paying (not to include delivery & tuning payment) against its purchase price.
  3. Continue with the hiring. (If you then decide to buy the piano after more than 12 months you will still be allowed the original 70% of the first years hire money against the purchase price, but thereafter the allowance amount reduces)
  4. Return the piano to us without obligation.

How it works

  1. Visit our piano showroom and select a piano (the purchase price of the piano cannot exceed £5,000)
  2. Work out the cost as follows; divide the selling price of the instrument by 50 and that number is the monthly hire charge.
  3. The initial payment is three months hire charge plus the service cost to cover delivery and the first tuning.
  4. Arrange a mutually convenient time with us, to be at home to receive your piano. When the piano arrives you can fix an appointment 4-6 weeks ahead for the first tuning.
  5.  The piano tuner will arrive at the arranged time to give the piano its first tuning and service.
  6. After three months from the delivery date a banker standing order will begin the regular monthly payments.
  7. When we have received the final payment, we write reminding you of all the options and request a decision.

(Delivery and tuning prices vary according to the location the piano is going to)
Typical 12.9% APR (this can differ due to variable delivery and tuning charges)