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Kawai ATX3, ATX3L and Aures

The Kawai AnyTime X3, ATX3L and Aures instruments are traditional upright pianos with a facility for private listening.

With the piano completely muted, powerful digital audio components allow the pianist to continue enjoying the distinctive feeling of a traditional piano while listening discreetly using headphones.

The Aures also has an innovative system whereby the digital music can be played back through the soundboard of the piano. This gives great scope for creativity – you can mix digital sounds with while you play the piano as an acoustic piano, layering the sound.


These are the basic functionality models without screen or control panel. This is available on K-15 & E-200 models.


The ATX3 models are the full functionality variant featuring the new colour touchscreen and connector panel. This technology is available on K-200, K-300, K-500 & K-600 models.


The Aures features the new soundboard speaker system in addition to the ATX3 colour touchscreen and connector panel.  It is available on K-300, K-500 & K-600.

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