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Examples of our Restoration

Based in the historic University City, Cambridge Pianoforte are a specialist company providing a complete service for all piano owners and musicians, part of this being piano restoration, maintenance and valuation. This work is undertaken on Steinway & Sons and other classic thoroughbred pianos. The piano is entwined in the fabric of our social history and our way of life. It is music, furniture, design, engineering and can also be a work of art. Our piano restoration examples epitomise these qualities.

The golden era in the development of this most versatile of musical instruments was the late Victorian and Edwardian period. By this time the technical and design aspect was properly developed, with the innovative minds of that age working with the legendary pianists of the time.

By far the most enduring designs have proven to be those from the house of Steinway & Sons, which were so successful that they have only been subtly modified in the last 100 years and continue to be the standard by which all others are judged.

The nature of the work undertaken in our workshop calls for craftsmen of sensitivity and aptitude. The working parts of a piano are numerous and complex and the whole structure of the instrument is under immense stress. The combined skills of several disciplines are necessary to achieve the best results. As well as restoring instruments for sale, our workshop also undertakes work on customers’ own instruments.

We provide valuations for insurance or sale purposes; arrange transportation to virtually anywhere in the world; and are happy to give advice on any piano-related matters.