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John Broadwood and Sons by Lutyens (c.1905)

A wonderful example of English craftsmanship and design: an Edwin Lutyens designed Broadwood grand piano built in 1905.

Very early in the 20th century,  John Broadwood & Sons – the greatest English pianoforte maker – collaborated with Edwin Lutyens to make a series of 10 grand pianos; the existence of only a few is currently known, including one held in a collection at the Victoria and Albert Museum.

This piano was commissioned by Robert H Benson, eminent banker (Kleinwort Benson), art collector and Trustee of the National Portrait Gallery.The instrument was delivered into the Lutyens designed music room at Buckhurst Park, Sussex on 4 August 1905.  One of the photographs from Country Life Volume XXXI of Saturday 18 May 1912 shows the instrument in this situation.

The instrument has been restored to recital standard.

Finish:  Waxed Oak
Length:  7′ 0” Price:  P.O.A.
Age:  1905