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Piano Restoration

Our superbly equipped Cambridge workshop is staffed by a select team of highly skilled craftsmen. The work is focused mainly on the restoration of high quality pianos, particularly specialising in those made by Steinway & Sons.

The restoration of a piano is a complex and lengthy process which takes skill, knowledge, experience and patience. We strive to restore the condition so that it is comparable to a new instrument, whilst retaining its integrity and character. This requires a combination of craftsmanship and artistic sensitivity.  We take pride in the fact that we employ local craftsmen and any work which is out-sourced goes to local people.

The first step towards restoration is for one of our experienced staff to assess the instrument (its age, condition and value) and the extent of the work to be done. We would then cost the work, and compare it with the value of the instrument before making a recommendation to a customer.

There is no reason why an older piano of sufficient quality should not work as well as a newer instrument once restored. Older instruments will produce a different style of sound compared with a newer one, but one is neither better nor worse than the other. Often, choosing between restoring or replacing is a matter of personal taste.

The construction and working parts of a piano may seem mysterious and intriguing, and we are very happy to give potential restoration clients a personalised tour of the workshops to explain the process involved. Customers are also invited to see their instrument as a ‘work in progress’.