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Voicing a piano

Piano Tuning & Servicing

Piano Tuning

Keeping a piano in good tune is a fundamental ingredient of getting the best from the instrument. Poor tuning will spoil the finest piano by inhibiting resonance and clarity.

Our piano tuner/technicians are of the highest calibre and have been formally and professionally trained at the only college based training available in the UK: Newark & Sherwood College. One of our tuners, Iain Kilpatrick, was for a long time the external examiner for Newark, the only college training piano tuners. He is also a former winner of the Bluthner Tuning Cup and the David Mark’s Tuning Cup (National Tuning Competition for piano tuners) in 1991, and is a member of the ‘Piano Tuners Association’.

Iain, together with his colleague William Morris, who worked for Steinway & Sons, have many years of experience in the field of tuning.

The majority of concert tuning in Cambridge is carried out by our tuners, particularly for high-profile international artists and venues. We also serve individuals in their homes and have a loyal following thanks the professionalism, quality and consistency of our work.

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Piano Servicing

Although most pianists understand that they need to keep their instruments in good tune, the importance of servicing the playing action and pedal assembly is less well understood.

Over time and with constant use the action of the piano will change as felts become compressed or worn, springs weaken, working joints become less efficient and the adjustments generally become “out of sorts”. The pianist may barely notice changes as they occur over time and simply adapt their playing technique to accommodate the change. Servicing a piano can restore the crispness and controllability of the instrument and give it a whole new lease of life.

Marcel Kunkel is one of the best when it comes to improving the potential of your piano. He not only qualified from Newark & Sherwood College, but has also had training at the Steinway & Sons factory in Hamburg.

The process is a careful and painstaking one which can take several days and is often beyond the scope of a piano tuner on the road. As well as carrying out major restorations, our workshop is also on hand as a backup for the tuner/technicians working remotely when they encounter technical challenges.  When a task is too lengthy or complex to carry out on a half-day visit, or if parts need to be specially made, then the workshop is on hand to take over.  However large or small the task, the emphasis is on our attention to detail.

Regular servicing is recommended, especially for high quality pianos. An additional benefit of servicing is that it can help to maintain the value of the instrument. Steinway recommend that:

“A new piano should be serviced after the first year as the new parts will bed in over this time and the action will go out of adjustment. After that we recommend that pianos for average domestic use should be serviced every three to five years. Professional pianists and performance venues have their pianos serviced at least annually.” (See Steinway Piano Servicing)

To book an appointment call on 01223 424007